Monday, 10 January 2011

Alpina BMW B5 Bi-Turbo Hot Car News 2011

Check this out hot car news specification review and tuning speed test drive on the road for 2011 Alpina BMW B7 Bi-Turbo sporty car exterior design. Originally presented in the new car design technology 2011 Alpina BMW B7 Bi-Turbo, the all-aluminum V8 engine power plant endows the new B5 Bi-Turbo luxury and elegant car with sensational pace. The 700Nm of torque means the 2011 Alpina BMW B5 Bi-Turbo design models excels at gliding along at low speeds in a high gear with minimum revs, benefiting both consumption and comfort. The optionally available Dynamic Drive reduces body roll in corners, awarding the Alpina BMW B5 Bi-Turbo even more agility.
The 2011 Alpina BMW B7 Bi-Turbo body kit rear is particularly harmonious, clearly communicating the Alpina BMW B5 Bi-Turbo’s family heritage. The elegant interior design reveals the expected discreet touches that suggest the Alpina BMW B5 Bi-Turbo’s exclusive pedigree. The new innovation of 2011 Alpina BMW B5 BI-TURBO is brilliantly balanced high performance car ability. Visit official website to know more new car price list and more details information.


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