Friday, 29 July 2011

2011 Toyota Yaris Release In Japan

While Australia started more than six months in the future, to the brand new 2011 Toyota Yaris starts the Japanese market this week.
Taking a rest, which is valid series of images was created in October showed that the avoidance of doubt, the new Yaris, Corolla date on the specific topic of the sharp peaks at a curvy body.

Sold in Japan as the Vitz, the new Yaris and its predecessor on the same latitude, and extending from front to back 100mm and 30mm from the top loses. There is some 30kg lighter, now weighing about 1000kg.
Toyota will also separately meet the new UV rays reducing doors for the 2011 Yaris, which has decided to block up to 99 percent of UV light drum.

Australian specifications will be unveiled sometime next year, but will be marked with a line up of petrol stations the amount of 1.0 to 1.5 liters (1.3 current Australian model in Japan, the Yaris 1.5 liter engine).

Unlike Australia, but often their home market, the Yaris Japanese version is available in both front and four-wheel-drive, with either a Toyota Super CVT-i automatic five-speed manual or traditional.
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